Peggy McCay Where is She Really?

Peggy McCay plays Caroline Brady on Days of our Lives as we all know but where is she and what really happened to her. We no longer see her on the set yet we hear that she is in California visiting family. Her pub is being run by her son Roman Brady (Josh Taylor) and other family members who take the time from their busy schedules to assist, along with staff as we see watching our beloved soap opera.

But, why have we not seen nor heard from her? No, she is not deceased yet further we have the scoop on where she is and what really happened to Peggy Mccay.

Peggy McCay

Veteran Days of Our Lives (DOOL) actress Peggy McCay was removed from the show’s credits. McCay’s health had been failing for several years, and in 2015 the actress took time off due to an injury on the set.

Last Seen

While she continued playing Caroline despite physical setbacks, she hasn’t been seen on screen since last fall of 2015. With DAYS’ six-month taping lead time, it’s possible McCay has not been on the set for about 3 years.


Caroline was involved in a major storyline in 2015 when Bo found a cure for a disease many thought was Alzheimer’s. The cure then turned Caroline into a clairvoyant, yet nobody believed her visions.


It seemed Caroline was seeing and speaking to Shawn, her late husband. Caroline could also see what happened in the past and could tell what really happened when Victor lied about things and what would happen to her loved ones.

Health Failing

With evidence of Peggy McCay’s poor health evident in her slurred speech, the actress still carried on with her usual talent and spirit.

Returning Home

Days of Our Lives Fan Talk hopes to see Peggy McCay, who has been with the soap since 1983, back on DAYS one day, but will keep you apprised of her status as we have learned more.

Visiting Peggy McCay

Steve and Kayla (Stephen Nichols & Mary Beth Evans) payed a visit to the failing Peggy at her home. Peggy had a brain bleed at home and was found by her housekeeper collapsed on the bed. The brain bleed that required surgery rendered her incapable of acting. The anestesia brought on onset Dementia but with the aide of medication she is gaining some life back into her.


We at Days of Our Lives Fan Talk raise our glasses high and salute Peggy McCay. The actress is so missed and hope she will soon return as Caroline Brady to give her a happy ending to her life long career. We love you Peggy!

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