Good vs Evil: DiMera Boys

As products from Stefano DiMera, his only 2 living DeMira boys left are Chad (Billy Flynn) and Stefan O. (Tyler Christopher). Brothers from different mothers, the two could not be more different yet have one thing in common…their love for Abigail. Although one is not seen as Abigail but as her alter ego Gabby (Gabi plus Abbey) the deep down romantic feelings are there. Who will win her ultimate love? Days of Our Lives Fan Talk has questions we can hardly wait to see how they are answered!

The DeMira Boys

So, the DiMera boys met at a Demira gala with uncertainty who this stranger really was. Claiming he (Stefan) was Demira blood without any proof except for Chad except that Vivian, his mother, stating the fact.

Paternity Test

With the paternity test confirming that Stefano clearly was a son of Stefano, Chad was reluctant to accept the findings and had suspicions to his motives to becoming the head family member.

Enter Abigail

Seems Stefan is out for more that just the CEO job at the DiMera Enterprises but has his eye on Chad’s wife Abigail.

Mommy Dearest


Vivian is still the evil villainess of Salem but her son just can’t see that. He has no clue what all she really did to torment the good people of Salem.

A leopard can not change it’s spots! Vivian is plotting against the Kiriakis family in ways we are not sure of yet. We do know that she is going after Sonny which goes against to so called truce she offered Victor & Maggie.

This couple HAS to win the DiMera boys feud!
Abigail with her 2 other alts wants different things for each other. Chad deserves to be with Abigail after all they have been through. They should become Days of Our Lives new super couple.


So, what will happen when Chad finds out Abigail as Gabi aka Gabby killed his brother and slept with Stefan? Can he forgive her and is that how Stefan ends up clinging for life in the hospital? So many questions!!!

The Vows

When they took their wedding vows they said “for better and worse and in sickness and in health”. Does this pertain to what Abigail has done even though in her mind it she wasn’t feeling herself?


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