Victor Kiriakis Matrimonials

The Kiriakis families head monarch is good old Victor Kiriakis. He’s loved and lost and then loved and won a few too. He’s dodged a bullet from a few spouses and survived. He is one of the wealthiest and most powerful men of Salem as the founder of Titan Industries, the town’s biggest corporation. Although still heavily distrusted by many in town, the Kiriakis family is still a far more respected and legitimate family.

But,  how many times has Victor Kiriakis gone to the alter and with whom? Love sure doesn’t seem to last for him except for his current marriage. He would move heaven and earth to make Maggie happy. With all of his past loves coming and going from his family and their lives, Days of Our Lives Fan Talk will take a look at his list of marriages.

You may not know this but Victor is played by John Aniston. he has quite a famous daughter…Jennifer Aniston.

On Days of Our Lives he finds he is the biological daughter named Isabella Toscano. John and Isabella went to Venice where she quietly died in John’s arms on October 16, 1992.

Victor Kiriakis – The Legend

The Kiriakis family’s history is somewhat clouded, as Victor has hinted over the years that although at one point the clan was powerful in its native Greece, Victor himself grew up in more modest circumstances, and is more or less a self-made man.

His address is Address: 13201 Glen Oaks Drive. The estate sits on over four acres. It’s an English Tudor style mansion with many bedrooms and six baths. There are separate servants’ quarters, and a four-car garage. Although some of the “rich guy” decor has been replaced with somewhat lighter metal pieces, there are still several pieces of art, sculptures that bear a rather threatening look which are reminiscent of Victor’s darker past.

Carly Manning

Victor’s first wife (1991–92)

Kate Roberts

Victor’s second wife (1993–94) and they had one son Phillip Kiriakis.

Vivian Alamain

Victor’s third wife (1995–97, 2010–11)

Nicole Walker

Victor’s fourth wife (2002–08)

Maggie Horton

Victor’s fifth wife (2011–present)

Love Fling Caroline Brady

Though never married,  Victor & Caroline  did conceive a child. Beauregard Aurelius Brady (Bo) was born November 5, 1963 and died November 2015 from a brain tumor.

Almost Wedded to Bonnie Lockheart

The wedding that never took place when they caught onto her scheme! Maggie agrees to divorce Victor so that the assumed Adrianne which was really Bonnie Lockheart could sink her claws into him and his fortune.

Family Tree of Victor Kiriakis

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