Paul Telfer: Xander Returns!

Days of Our Lives has been getting so good but it’s about to get heated when Paul Telfer returns as Xander! Days of Our Lives Fan Talk can hardly wait to see how chaotic he is this time around!

Paul Telfer who plays the role of Xander Kiriakis is returning very soon. According to Soap Opera Digest, Telfer will reprise the role starting May 14 in scenes with Jen Lilley’s Theresa Donovan and Colin Schroeder’s Tate Black.

Xander was last seen on the NBC daytime drama on August 7, 2017.

Wonder what this bad boy hotty Kiriakis has up his sleeves! He definitely will add some spark to the flames in Salem.

“Xander’s return is done as a twist,” Telfer teases. “He wreaks havoc internationally across multiple generations. It’s not targeted at a single person.”

Telfer who last played the role in October 2016, smiles, “I really like Xander because he’s so outrageous in the true soap opera way.”

Telfer came to Days as Victor Kiriakis’ nephew from his second brother Titus in March 24, 2015, but was soon let go from the soap in late 2015.

Useful information about Xander Cook/Alexandros Kiriakis

* Xander knows Eric and Serena from Africa.

* He’s behind the diamonds that Serena was searching for in the elephant statue.

* He’s interested in Nicole romantically.

* Real name is Alexandros “Xander” Kiriakis. Used mother’s maiden name, Cook as his own surname after he got into trouble with the law for murder.

Past History

Xander Cook is the son of Titus Kiriakis, Victor’s brother and Ms. Cook, ‘Alexandros’ who arrived in Salem in 2015 as Xander. As a teen, Xander was involved in manslaughter that Victor Kiriakis paid someone off to reduce the charges to assault and battery. He kept an eye on Xander over the years and when Xander came to town allegedly to find work, Victor took him under his wing, stating he would help if Xander was on the up and up. Xander’s real reason for returning was to follow Serena Mason to discuss the scam they were connected to which involved getting diamonds from an elephant statue she and Eric purchased in Africa years before. He met and took a romantic interest in Nicole Walker and it was revealed that he was jealous of Daniel Jonas and Brady Black with whom he would see at sleepaway camp as children. His jealousy and anger got the best of him and even Victor found him to be a loose cannon. Xander fell for Nicole, who only used him to find out what he and Serena were hiding, in order to protect her friend and the man she was in love with, Eric Brady.

Paul Telfer

Born 30 October 1979, is a Scottish actor, who has lived and worked in both his native United Kingdom and the United States.

Telfer graduated with First Class honours in Film Studies from the University of Kent at Canterbury in 1999.  He is married to Broadway actress Carmen Cusack.

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