Farah Fath: Mimi’s Back To Days!

Days of Our Lives never ceases to amaze us! Now they are bringing Mimi Lockhart back played by Farah Fath. We knew Days had a surprise return coming soon but had no inkling to whom it was. They made us happy showing us Batty Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) and then having Theresa’s (Jen Lilley) return we are ecstatic!

We have not heard anything about Mimi since she left Salem in 2007. Wonder what surprises are in store for us fans!

Days of Our Lives Fan Talk will be sure to keep you updated on what her plans are in Salem, so stay tuned!

Farah Fath

Farah Fath, who got her soap start on DAYS from 1999-2007 as fan fave Mimi Lockhart, is heading back to Salem.

The actress, who is currently filming at the Burbank studios, will air again later this year.

The character still has strong connections to the canvas: Mimi’s mother, Bonnie (Judi Evans), made a comeback last summer.

And DAYS’s Head Writer Ron Carlivati previously wrote for Fath when she played ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Gigi Morasco from 2007-12.

Farah Fath also appeared in the E! reality series DIRTY SOAP.

After leaving daytime, she wed professional poker player Phil Galfond on May 15, 2015.

Mimi Lockhart

Mimi grew up in an abusive household. Her father, David, attacked Mimi and Bonnie on a number of occasions forcing her older brother, Patrick, to split at an early age. Mimi looked after her younger brother Connor until he too moved away at a young age.

Mimi was Belle Black’s best friend since kindergarten. Mimi grew jealous of Belle’s new friendship with Chloe Lane and began working with Jan Spears to cast Chloe as a social outcast. Jan preyed on Mimi’s insecurities and used her to torment Chloe, including taking nude pictures of Chloe in the shower. Mimi developed a crush on Shawn-Douglas Brady but he was interested in Belle. Shawn agreed to take both Belle and Mimi to the dance after Mimi got down on bended knee to beg Shawn to take her. Jan’s hatred for Chloe intensified and Jan used Mimi to sneak the photos of Chloe into the slide projector to humiliate Chloe and advertise their website The prank almost landed Mimi in jail; instead she was forced to spend her senior year at Salem High cleaning bathrooms.

Mimi eventually got together with Rex DiMera but feared he might be the Salem Stalker.


Mimi found out she was pregnant. Mimi’s insecurities returned and she convinced herself she had a good thing with Rex and it would be ruined with a baby. Mimi made the heartbreaking decision to have an abortion without telling Rex. Due to a resulting infection, Mimi was rendered sterile.

Rex found out Mimi had an abortion and left her.

Mimi blamed Belle for ruining her life and grew closer with her new roommate and high school crush, Shawn. After the birth of Belle’s daughter, Claire, Mimi attempted to mend fences with Belle. After months of escalating romance, Shawn proposed to Mimi on New Year’s Eve and they married in March 2006.

Mimi did everything she could to keep Shawn and Belle apart because she feared they would fall in love again. Mimi and Shawn went thru the “in vitro” process and Mimi became pregnant in May 2006, just two months after the couple wed. In early June, Mimi and Belle were out shopping when she started having cramps and miscarried.

Mimi knew that Shawn was the father of Belle’s baby Claire and not Phillip and told no one. When the truth was finally revealed, Shawn left Mimi and they got a divorce. She and Philip signed away their rights to their baby to the surrogate, Lauren.

Mimi moved back home to the Lockhart House with Bonnie and Conner. Mimi briefly worked at Chez Rouge but left after a fight Shawn’s girlfriend at the time, Willow Stark. Mimi then got a job working for Max at his garage. She and Max grew close as they looked for a seemingly missing Philip. Victor’s goons held them prisoner in a church basement where they shared their first kiss and also discovered a skeleton. Mimi and Max began to date, much to Abby’s dismay. Mimi got in the way oh Phillip’s search for Claire after Shawn and Belle took her into hiding. Max rescued Mimi and they two helped Shawn and Belle flee to Canada.

The skeleton that they was revealed to be David Lockhart, Mimi’s father. Max comforted Mimi through this mystery but it was Bonnie who was able to give Mimi the answers she was looking for. Bonnie explained that Mimi killed her father but suppressed the memories because David used to abuse the family. Instead of letting her daughter take the blame, Bonnie went to jail. With her mother and older brother both in jail, Mimi left to live with her younger brother, Connor, in Arizona.

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