Salem, Just for Fun Look!

Welcome to the biggest small town of Salem! The place that never sleeps!

Ever wished you lived in Salem? Though the Salemites have their fair share of drama with the major town families, life seems so much simpler than how our own lives play out in the real world.

There are many things that never happen in Salem, that us the viewers don’t get to see. Ever say to yourself “oh, that is just not how it would be in my household!” Days of Our Lives Fan Talk will talk a look at  some things we never see the glorious people of Salem do. You can add your comment at the end of this article of anything we missed or a thought that occurred to you.


We have seen a couple pets owned by Salemites. Nicole had a dog she carried around in her purse. But we never see any cats! Seems like Victor would have a cat or two. Cats are known for relaxing you and calming you down in stressful situations. And so many people have fish in the world but never in Salem! Guess they are never home enough to feed them.


Seems everybody in Salem eats out! The Brady Pub must make a fortune. Most of us as real life people stay at home and plan our meals. Then we have dishes to do. There is so much food waste in Salem too. Hardly anyone finishes their plate of food. And does the alcohol bottles on the Brady Pub shelf along the back wall ever go down?

Doug’s Place is the newest hot spot for elegant dining.


You all know how often we put gas or fuel in our cars. As much as Salemites travel they must need to stop for fuel soon! They do a lot of walking though. And it’s just a matter of a couple minutes they are at the next destination so town and homes must be really close by.

We know Eric and Jen both drive because that’s when Daniel was killed off.

There is an address for most of the properties in Salem. Did you know that? We’ll get to that one later.



We do see a few of the Salemites wear clothes over but most have brand new garments. Abigail seemed to “borrow” some of the Gabi Chic Collection wardrobe for her alters.

Kate is so nicely fashionable dressed from head to toe even with her jewelry! Can you imagine the space she would need just to store all her bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings! They all are very fashionable and dapper in what they have on.


They all go on with such little sleep and look so bright eyes and bushy tailed. We know how we look with lack of sleep! They even wake up with maker up on and their lipstick so perfect. THAT is not how I look in the morning! Of course it would be boring to watch them sleep, or wouldn’t it?

The only real time we see them sleep is when they are chloroformed…

…or drugged!

Yet we do see them in bed…a LOT!


Yes, the unspeakable bathroom zone. We use the restroom so much during the day. The women do go in to powder their nose so maybe that’s what they mean by “#1 or #2.” Some days I think I am in the bathroom more times and any other room in my house! Let’s just leave this at that.


We all have our guesses to where exactly Salem is. They are so close to Chicago that it seems as if they are in Illinois but have never quite mentioned the state except in one episode. A few maps have been drawn throughout the years of the homes and businesses.

There is a listing of Salem addresses, please click here.

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