Billy Flynn And Kate Mansi Have BIG News!

Big News!!!

With rumors of Billy Flynn‘s leaving Days of Our Lives (DOOL) when his contract is up, the actor himself has no set the record straight. As for Kate Mansi, she has a secret she’s not revealing yet. They have BIG NEWS but are keeping a tight lip about it. Days of Our Lives Fan Talk really wants to know!

The rumors gained steam when his current onscreen love interest, Marci Miller (Abigail), revealed she wasn’t signing again when her current two-year contract expires at the end of this month. But, that’s not the big news…

Fans gave a sigh of relief about his future when it was revealed that the previous Abby, Kate Mansi, would be returning. Big news is coming from this talented actress on Days of Our Lives!

But then it was revealed that Mansi’s stay would allegedly be short term. That fueled speculation that she was returning simply to help facilitate Flynn’s exit.

Well, don’t believe every rumor you hear! Flynn took to Twitter to let fans know he’s staying put in Salem.

As for Mansi, about an hour later, she also took to Twitter with a link to an Instagram post hinting that she has a big secret, but her “lips are sealed.” Mansi indicated her big secret wouldn’t be a secret for long.

Most comments asked if this means she’ll be staying on the soap now that Flynn is. The timing of the two tweets seems a little too coincidental, but there’s no confirmation yet on whether Mansi has extended her Salem stay.

Fans would be thrilled to learn that Chabby 2.0 will be a regular thing on DAYS once again. Remember, Chabby 1.0 was played by Mansi and Casey Dietrich as Chad, but the pair did not take off with fans until Flynn took over the role.

Here is the Chabby storyline.

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