Ciara Brady & Ben Weston?

We just heard on Days episode May 30, 2018,  that Ben Weston is eligible for parole. Hope was in shock to hear this news and quickly shared it with Marlena. Marlena however, agreed that a sick person who did bad can be a good citizen. It was his mental illness that made him do all those terrible killings. Can Salem handle this bad boy’s return after all the terrible things he did?

This is a set up for the release of Ben Weston and boy oh boy is he going to heat the summer up for us fans of Days of Our Lives!

It is reported by a reliable source that Ciara is in a motorcycle accident. Ben  comes to her rescue!

Let’s hope for Ciara’s sake that Bo’s motorcycle survived the crash!

Hope has a strong dislike for Ben  so how will she feel after knowing Ben Weston saved her only daughter?

The summer is going to heat up with Tripp pining for Ciara and now Ben  is in the picture!

Ben Weston

Ben Weston is played by Robert Scott Wilson. Stay tuned to days of Our Lives to watch this couple sizzle in the heat of summer!

But Ben didn’t come back for Ciara. Ben returned to finish off Abby and Will!

Fans of DOOL know that Ben tormented and kidnapped Abby Deveraux (Kate Mansi) while she was pregnant with her son, forcing her to give birth in the Horton cabin. Then he killed the midwife that he brought to help her. But Ben wasn’t done yet. Just as Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) arrived to help her, Ben handcuffed them to the bed and tried to burn them alive after kidnapping their son.

Days spoilers had us thinking Ben was safely locked away until he escaped and showed up at the double wedding of Abby-Chad and Sonny Kiriakis  (Freddie Smith) and Paul Narita (Christopher Sean). That’s when Ben dropped the bombshell that Sonny’s husband Will Horton (Chandler Massey) was still alive, promising the beginning of the end of the relationship between Paul and Sonny.

Now, with Will investigating the drug that Dr. Rolf (William Utay) used to wipe his memory, that could lead to Ben’s return. It seems that Will wants to know what happened to him and why. Could this investigation be part of the reason for Ben’s return? We’ll know soon since Robert Scott Wilson’s first scenes as the sociopathic Ben are airing very soon!



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