Max Brady, Where Are You?

Max Brady is a fictional character on the soap opera Days of Our Lives, and was portrayed by Darin Brooks from June 21, 2005, to July 7, 2009, and March 15 and 16, 2010. He wheeled into Salem as a race car driver and stole our hearts. But whatever became of Darin Brooks who played Max Brady? Days of Our Lives Fan Talk did some digging and here is what we found.

Max Brady History

As you recall, Max was given away by his father Trent Becker at an early age. He was taken under the protective wing of then Frankie Donner, now Frankie Brady. Frankie and Max made their way to Salem. They were taken in by kindhearted Steven Johnson and his wife Kayla Brady Johnson. Frankie and Max were legally adopted by Kayla’s parents Shawn Brady and Caroline Brady. The boys gained brothers Roman Brady and Bo Brady and sisters Kimberly Brady and Kayla Brady. Shortly thereafter, both boys left town.

Max then briefly dated his nephew Shawn-Douglas’ soon-to-be-ex-wife Mimi. During that same time, Max employed Abby Deveraux at his garage. Since his brother Frankie was engaged to Abby’s mother Jennifer at the time, she was expected to be his future step-niece. When Mimi experienced a variety of personal and family difficulties, he tried to stand by her, but ultimately confided in Abby that he was finding it difficult and that he didn’t know what to do with his life. Abby admitted that she was jealous of his relationship with Mimi, and that she had had a crush on him for a long time. When Mimi left town soon thereafter, Max and Abby dated until Abby left Salem as well.

Max then renewed his relationship with Stephanie Johnson, and supported her as she dealt with her rape at the hands of Ford Decker.

Due to the confusion of Trent’s death impact on Max, Stephanie began to have trust issues with Max. Though she stood by his side the whole time, she didn’t like Max’s newly found sister, Melanie. Melanie is a troublemaker and Stephanie thought that Melanie was just trying to break her and Max up. Stephanie and Max eventually ended their relationship thanks to Melanie and trust issues.

After the breakup, Max started talking to Chelsea a lot about what he felt since she is Stephanie’s best friend. They started spending a lot of time together and talking a lot more than normal. Both made it very clear to everyone they were just friends, although there were signs of attraction everywhere. On New Year’s Eve, Max was Chelsea’s date to the big party at Chez Rouge. At midnight, they shared a kiss and Chelsea ran away embarrassed. They got back together shortly after.


Chelsea left for London to help her mom recover after she was in an accident. She was gone for awhile and on June 7, 2009, Chelsea returned to Salem to inform everybody that Billie was doing better. She asks Max to move to London with her and he accepts. The Bradys later hear that Chelsea and Max are planning to tie the knot. The two lovebirds soon flee to London together to assist Billie in her job.

On March 15, 2010, Max returned home to Salem for a few hours on his way to a Medical Convention in San Diego, where he first surprised Caroline. She told him what had been going on with Melanie, his once biological half-sister. He then went to visit Melanie at the hospital, where he tried to convince her to give Carly a chance. Melanie then said how although Trent isn’t really her father, and that Daniel is, the two will always be brother and sister no matter what biology says.

 Darin Brooks aka Max Brady


Two years after the move, he was portraying Max Brady on the NBC drama series Days of Our Lives. He later starred as Alex Moran on the Spike TV series Blue Mountain State. In 2010, Brooks starred as Mr. Blake Owens on the web series Miss Behave.

In 2010, he started dating actress Kelly Kruger.

In June 2013, Brooks began playing Wyatt Spencer on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

 In February 2014, Darin and Kelly partnered with an organization called Aid Still Required.

On March 21, 2016, Brooks married Kruger in a wedding ceremony in his home state of Hawaii. Days of Our Lives Fan Talk hopes they live “happily ever after.”


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