Jack’s ALIVE! Matthew Ashford Returns!

Yes, Matthew Ashford is returning to Days of Our Lives as Jack Deveraux!  Matthew Ashford is headed back to the NBC soap as the witty and dashing Jack Deveraux! This is great news for many longtime Days fans, especially those who love Jack and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) together.

This is not a drill and he’s not a ghost, a part of a re-created flashback, or a figment of anyone’s overactive imagination. Word has it Jack will return as a living, breathing human being.


Fans would love to have Jack Deveraux back on a permanent basis, it seems that Matthew Ashford may only be returning for a short stint on the show. As many “DOOL” fans know, Jack was killed after saving his daughter Abigail‘s life, and falling down an elevator shaft. Yet, there was no funeral or service held.

He left behind his mourning family, wife Jennifer, and children Abigail and JJ. However, Ashford has been seen on the NBC soap following Jack’s death.


Last year, as Jennifer Horton was going through a very tough time in her life, Jack often appeared to her as a source of strength and comfort.

What will this mean for Eric who has become in love with Jen.  Jennifer should be crushed, but we all know her heart still belongs to Jack anyway. His demise could never change that and neither could any love story after theirs. Jack and Jen are truly meant to be.

Will this open the door for Eric to be involved with Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) who is also making a return to Days? Nicole (Arianne Zucker) is returning to Days of Our Lives this fall. That could pull Eric (Greg Vaughan) away from Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and leave her without a love interest. Even if Nicole isn’t long-term like Jack’s supposed to be, Jen should be able to see Eric’s lingering feelings. It should be enough to tear them apart – if they’re even still together by then!

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