Salem Shocker: Who’s Abigail’s Baby Daddy?

It’s one Salem Shocker after another!

Salem is so full of family & friend drama but a real Salem shocker is about to get the DeMira family feuding yet again!

A Salem shocker is about to happen. As one baby dies, another baby is going to be announced. We’ve speculated that Sami will stroll into Salem with a bundle of joy of her own along with Rafe but, a spoiler we are hearing is Abigail will also be pregnant! Trouble is…who’s the baby daddy? Will it be Chad or Stefan?

Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) and Abigail Deveraux (Marci Miller) have endured a lot over the past few months. Abby’s DID reared its ugly head and went untreated. Her mind shattered into three personas: Abby, Gabby and Dr. Laura.  Abby was doing things she would not under normal conditions and one of them is her involvement with Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher). We know know a salem shocker was that Abigail herself killed Andre in self defense! But, there is more drama to this scenario and it’s about to  get worse soon.

Days is setting up a “who’s the daddy” storyline. Since Stefan slept with Gabby, he might just be the father of her baby. Spoilers say that this will truly test the bond between Chad and Abby. Also, Stefan will continue to loom over them and if he believes the baby is his, you can bet he won’t go away.

Abby has a lot of healing ahead. She’s going to need all the family love and support she can get. Will Chad support her or will the pregnancy news and possibility that Stefan might be the baby daddy be too much for him? What about Stefan? He’s wanted Abby from day one. So, did he really “have” Abby since her alter Gabby was the one who had sex with him?

When Abigail has the baby and the paternity test is done, will this be when Vivian rears her villainess head and help Stefan steal the baby?

Is Abby safe now from Gabby? Days of Our Lives Fan Talk will keep you updated on any further spoilers!



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