Days Hides This Big Secret About EJ!

“Days of our Lives” spoilers is suggesting that viewers may be getting some big news about the possible return of Ej Dimera very soon. So many Days   fans have been wishing and hoping for news about the return of EJ DiMera, formerly portrayed by actor James Scott. EJ was shocking shot and killed by one of Clyde Weston’s thugs back in 2014 and hasn’t been seen on the NBC soap opera since. However, there have been plenty of hints that he may actually still be alive. James Scott swore he would not be returning, so the character will probably be played by someone else? James Scott may be replaced by Adam Mayfield…or is he already on the set now? Read on for the reason for this statement.

EJ’s death left fans in mourning

As many fans know, Sami Brady returned to Salem after EJ’s death with the hope that her husband may actually still be alive.

Sami found a letter revealing that he believed his father, Stefano DiMera, was up to something shady, and revealed to his beloved wife that if something were to happen to him there could be mysterious circumstances behind his death. “DOOL” fans also previously saw Kristen DiMera sneak into the morgue and inject Elvis Jr’s corpse with a mystery substance that viewers now know to be a resurrection serum developed by Dr. Rolf and proven to work on Will Horton. And we do know Kristin is alive because we seen her down at Susan’s home after Will was discovered alive.

Major hints that EJ is still alive

After Will’s return from the dead, “Days of our Lives” viewers watched as Kristen DiMera made another cameo on the soap opera to drop a major hint that EJ DiMera was still alive. Although fans are hoping for a return, one shocking “DOOL” theory reveals that he may actually already be back in Salem. That’s right, some fans believe that he is currently back in town and right under everyone’s noses! In fact, the theory states that EJ is no longer himself, but that he may actually be the newly introduced DiMera brother, Stefan O. DiMera. It seems some longtime viewers believe that Elvis could have had surgery on his face and returned to Salem as Stefan. There are a few signs that Stefan could be EJ, such as his cunning business sense, knowledge of the DiMera family, and his attraction to Abigail, whom EJ previously had an affair with.

Is Stefan really EJ?

Although most “Days of our Lives” fans don’t believe that Stefan and EJ are the same person, it would be a shocking storyline for viewers to watch unfold. In the past, John Black had everyone, including himself, believing that he was Roman Brady. In addition, Philip Kiriakis once returned to Salem with a brand new face after having surgery due to an injury he received while in the military. It seems that fans will have to watch the soap each weekday to see how the story unfolds.

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