Kate’s Blue Hair Symbolism

Kate Roberts Blue Hair Strand…Why?

Kate has worn a blue streak in her hair for quite some time now. many have speculated what it means.

Here, she tells you all.

Though she can’t get specific regarding storyline details, Koslow did tease that Kate’s blue streak is coming back — and that should tell you something, considering the history of the unusual hair choice! “It was actually originally my choice [to put the blue streak in] during the period when she was going after Chloe [Nadia Bjorlin] big time and poisoning apples,” the actress shares. “That was a cray cray time for Kate, like major cray cray, and I was having difficulty as an actor with some of it, figuring it all out for myself. And I just got this little bit of a wild streak going, and I decided to get a blue streak… She was going through so much at the time, and it was just wild and crazy, and it was kind of a symbol, with blue, of power and strength and being able to get through it all, so that was a core thing through it all. But also to remind people that she’s a wild child. She’s out there.”

Funny enough, Mascolo wasn’t a fan of Koslow’s blue hair and tried convincing former executive producer Gary Tomlin to have her remove it! “I was in a scene with Joe Mascolo, and I had my hair up, and we had really forgotten to hide the streak and he saw it, and he was like, ‘What’s that?’” she recalls with a laugh. “And Joe really didn’t like it. He said, ‘Tell her! Tell her she must get rid of that!’ And Gary Tomlin was so fantastic, and he’s so supportive of actors and their choices, and really, if you have it thought out, he was like, ‘Oh, it’s fine, we just need to add a line for it.’ And I think the line was something like, Stefano said, ‘I’ve married a wild woman,’ which was kind of perfect. And I kept it in, and that was quite a few years ago. But since then, the writers have written in lines about it, people will routinely mention the blue streak. And then I took it out for awhile when she was having a happier time. I decided to get rid of it for awhile, I think when she was with Rafe. But then recently, I put it in again, and I can’t tell you why!”

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