Ciara and Ben Grow Closer!

Ciara and Ben grow closer!

Pairing good girls with bad boys is a soap opera staple, but it may be premature to say that Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) and Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) are headed for supercouple status on Days of Our Lives.

Still, there appears to be lots of chemistry between them, as Ben tends to an injured Ciara in the same (gulp!) cabin where he committed some of his most heinous acts before he became (we hope) rehabilitated!

Ben is without his medicines and Hope will be on his trail soon with the help of Clyde Weston, Ben’s father in prison. If Ciara is anything like her mom, she too will go after the bad boys! Remember when Bo was in salem on his motorcycle and Hope jumped ship at her wedding to ride with Bo? Ciara just may have more in common with Hope than we know!

The jigsaw puzzle link is below this image! Enjoy!

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