Sonny kills Leo to protect Will!

Sonny kills Leo to protect Will!

When Leo found out Kate wants to drop the lawsuit which angers Leo. He is money hungry.  He messages  Sonny to meet up with him. He  turns to Sonny with a proposal of his own. Leo asks Sonny to marry him! Does he want to marry Sonny so after Leo kills Sonny he will inherit all Sonny’s fortune? Sonny is confused as well as he should be since Leo was suing him for sexual harassment. Sonny wonders what changed. As you remember, Sonny had just asked Leo to be with him for he thought they had a real connection when they met.

Sonny will not fall into a manipulation and with Wills help, they will bring Leo down!  Will and Sonny work together on a new strategy to defeat Leo.  The plan does not go accordingly though. Leo finds out about Will’s stealth plan and their is a fierce conflict. Will was unprepared for this unexpected quarrel. Leo quickly dominated this struggle and tries to strangle Will.  Leo wraps his hands around Will’s neck and squeezes as tight as he can. That brought back memories of the necktie strangler and the two times Will was strangled (both by Ben, when Ben supposedly killed him and when Sami tried to have Ben will him to regain Will’s memories) . The serum Will was injected with is working! Will’s brain is flooded with his past life. Will thought he would die under Leo’s grip but just then, Sonny shows up. Sonny throws Leo toward wall! Leo hits the mantle thus Leo has met his tragic fate. Sonny accidently killed Leo. Sonny could be in hot water! Now what will they do with the body?

After this all happens, Sonny and Will’s grow closer and this bond will bring back love between.  Will Paul be able to accept this? Will he leave them alone so they can become a couple again? Stay tuned to Days of Our Lives Fan Talk to find out!

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