• Hayley: JJ’s New Love Interest

    Days of our Lives JJ (Casey Moss) will have a new love interest this year. Her name is Hayley Chen […]

  • James Reynolds Celebrates BIG Milestone!

    Days of Our Lives actor, James Reynolds marks today a BIG milestone. Reynolds who originated the role of Abe Carver […]

  • Abigail, Oh What Have You Done!

    Abigail is in peril! She has turned for help to the wrong person. Stefan had his eyes on her ever […]

  • Judith Chapman: Days Return With A Twist!

    Daytime soap veteran Judith Chapman is all set to return to NBC’s Days of Our Lives after a 27 year break!
    Judith Chapman

    The […]

  • 20 James Scott Facts You Should Know!

    Former “Days of Our Lives“ cast member James Scott was one of the show’s most popular leading men, captivating viewers with […]

  • Warehouse Doors All Had Initials!

    Did you all catch the warehouse doors that all had these initials on them when Nicole was so lost and […]

  • Nicole Dies! Goodbye Arianna Zucker

    Nicole Walker (Arianna Zucker) supposedly dies and  ends her stint on Days of our Lives.  Arianna Zucker has played Nicole Walker […]

  • Trey Baxter Joins Days: EJ DiMera!

    Model and actor, Trey Baxter, has joined Days of our Lives as a mystery patient, one many suspect could be EJ DiMera – […]

  • Peggy McCay “Caroline” Dies Age 90

    Emmy-winning actress Peggy McCay, who portrayed Caroline Brady on Days of Our Lives for more than three decades, died Sunday from natural causes. […]

  • Mimi Lockhart Returns To Salem!

    Mimi Lockhart returns to Salem!
    Jigsaw Puzzle Time!
    YAY. Mimi Lockhart returns to Salem! Come to find out, the baby that Bonnie has […]

  • Geli, Right / Wrong For Each Other?

    This is written for my friend Selina. She is all about Geli / #Geli. Who else thinks Gabi and Eli […]

  • R.I.P. Frank Parker AKA Shawn Brady

    Days of Our Lives actor Frank Parker, who played Shawn Brady on the NBC soap for nearly a quarter-century, has died […]

Will and Sonny work together.

Will and Sonny work together to navigate a tricky situation. Sonny accidently kills Leo when Leo’s head hits the mantle. They must work together which will bring back more memories for Will of his past life. Sonny was only trying to save Will because Leo was choking the life out of him.  Now,  together they […]

Kayla opens up to Marlena about Stefan

Kayla opens up to Marlena about her deal with Stefan. Kayla finally opens up to someone about the deal she made with Stefan to get Steve  his bionic eyes and Marlena happens to be that someone. Click on the link below to do this image as a jigsaw puzzle. Enjoy! Make sure you join […]

Is Days of our Lives on July 4th, 2018?

Is Days of our Lives on July 4th, 2018? YES! It is ON. Days of our Lives has always been on July 4th, our Independence Day. They celebrate (or used to) with an old fashioned picnic. Some now go down to the beach to swim and celebrate our 4th of July. Many memories were made […]