Eve encourages Brady to throw Nicole under the bus!

Eve encourages Brady to throw Nicole under the bus to clear his name!

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Eve is playing dirty. She will throw Nicole under the proverbial bus to make Theresa’s lawyer look bad after he accused Brady of killing Deimos since he had the amulet. She is bound and determined to help Brady not lose his custody of Tate. Theresa only wants her family back. She even baked both their favorite cookies. She only had to throw out the burnt ones when she set the oven to broil instead of bake.

Brady goes to Theresa and asks for a means to end the custody battle. This hearing has become a battle and tug of war over Tate. Once Eve found out Nicole was the one who killed Deimos, she begs Brady to tell the truth. And when he does not want to go back on his word with Nicole, Eve plays dirty going to Victor asking him for help. She wants the recording of Nicole admitting she killed Deimos to land in the judges hands to save Brady from losing the case.

Eve got Victor cleverly to go get the tape from the wall safe. but to Victors surprise, the tape was gone. he thinks Brady must of taken it when he moved out. But, we all know who has this recording of Nicole…it’s Xander! Xander took it when he robbed the safe!

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