Abigail’s Paternity Results Are In!

Gabi Switches the Paternity Results!

Gabi (Camila Banus) is on a warpath and the paternity tests are in the playing field.

Revenge is really what she wants to heal her wounds on Days of Our Lives since both Abigail and Stefan set her up and sent Gabi to prison.  After all, Gabi (Camilla Banus) was the one who delivered the crucial evidence of Stefan’s DNA to Abi. Sure, she says she has forgiven her frenemy for sending her to jail, but how likely is that? These two have tons of sordid history between them, so believe that Gabi is capable of low down dirty double dealings! As Gabi now learns one of the ugliest medical truths of her life, she does the unthinkable.

Not like anybody in Salem has ever done this before, right?

We all thought Gabi is on Abigail’s (Marci Miller) side.  Well, think again. When the paternity results prove Chad (Billy Flynn) is  the father, Gabi will change the results making Stefan (Tyler Christopher) the baby’s father putting Abigail’s life in a turmoil as Stefan’s obsession increase.

Will this drive Chad into Gabi’s arms or will Chad stick with Abigail and raise his brothers child?

Gabi has new of her own to deal with!

Gabi herself receives very, very, sad news. On Wednesday the newly freed con was simply enjoying life on the outside when she doubled over in pain.

Rushed to the hospital, she was utterly confused about the chaos that was happening inside her body. After running tests and examining Gabi on Thursday, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) has a diagnosis.

And it isn’t good.

What she has to tell Gabi is heartbreaking and shocking.

You definitely do not want to miss the bombshell moment that Gabi learns the truth about her condition.

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