Tate’s Custody is Decided! Who Won?

Tate’s Custody is Decided!

Theresa and Brady have been in a vicious battle to win custody of Tate. Theresa filed for full custody but when the gloves came off for the battle in the courtroom, Brady was made out to look like a killer. Ted Laurent wants to make it look like Brady killed Deimos. And with out the evidence of Nicole’s tapem recording admitting it, Brady is somewhat screwed. Seems Justin, Brady’s lawyer, can not cut the mustard when in the hearing to save Brady. Eve turns to Victor to do low down dirty schemes to help  Brady’s case.


Nicole need to return now to spare Brady from being held accountable for the murder.

 But in the end, the battle is over and Theresa wins!


Jen Lilley is leaving the NBC popular soap. Her character, Jeannie Theresa Donovan, will win full custody of her son Tate Black (Colin & Kyle Schroeder).

Theresa learns that her mother Kimberly Donovan (Patsy Pease) is sick with cancer, she decides to take her son and head out to Los Angeles. The latest DOOL spoilers indicate Theresa will be gone in a week but is it for good? Let’s hope not. Jen Lilley has told the producers she is willing to return!

Brady’s world is falling apart around him on Days of Our Lives

Brady is going to have a hard time saying goodbye to his son. He loves Tate. The little boy has been a stable force for Brady when everything else in his life, especially his love life, has fallen down around him and now Brady is going to lose that anchor.

The NBC soap really needed the boost the character of Theresa added to the to the daytime soap. She brought a real fire back to Brady. The two of them had a spark that had been missing in Brady for quite some time.

DOOL fans thought Theresa was the real love of Brady’s life despite all of his proclamations against the statement. The two of them brought out both the best and the worst in each other, but in the end, they genuinely found a home in each other

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