With Victor’s help, Eve plots to help Brady

With Victor’s help, Eve plots to help Brady win the custody battle against Theresa.

Jigsaw Puzzle!

Eve plots with Victor secretly. Brady has no clue what they are up to.  When Victor and Eve discover the recording of Nicole confessing killing Deimos is gone, Eve tears apart the hotel room in search of it. It is definitely not there! Eve calls Victor and tells him they must go with “plan B.”

Meanwhile at JJ’s place and man knocks on the door and explains he must investigate the place for child welfare of the courts. JJ allows him to search. Theresa asrrives back home and just then the “court official”  discovers drugs under JJ’s kitchen sink. It was a plant by Victor and Eve! They set Theresa up to be a drug user. Theresa already told Brady she would drop the court case and share joint custody.

Could this be the reason Theresa Donovan is leaving Salem? We all know that  Jen Lilley was only here for a short stent. Her time is about up as the plots thicken against her.

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