Abigail reveals to Gabi the father of her baby!

Abigail reveals to Gabi the father of her baby!

Jigsaw Puzzle Time!

And the winner is…Stefan by default of Gabi switching the paternity test results! As Abigail reveals to gabi hjer test results she also alerts her to the fact that she may want to terminate the pregnancy. Gabi somewhat talks her out of it. Gabi tells Abigail her child bearing delima also and that persuades Abigail to hopefully keep the child and raise it as Chads.

Gabi will not rest until she does collateral damage to the unborn child. She will eventually alert Stefan that Abigail is carrying his child only to then tell Abigail she switched the paternity test results.  Abigail will hopefully tell Chad before Gabi does.

Oh, what tangled webs she will weaves!

You can do this image as a jigsaw puzzle by just clicking on the link below. Enjoy!

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