Leo Sparks Death, Somebody Else Knows!

Leo Sparks Dies

Leo Sparks had many hidden secrets including  that’s this is not his real name. Vivian did not do enough background checks on him when she hired him to seduce and blackmail Sonny so that Titan would fail in the stock market.  Then when Kate took over where Vivian left off, she didn’t do her homework as well. Leo was only her pawn to gain Titan to falter but when Chad became CEO, Kate wanted the lawsuit to cease.

Leo went rogue when he found out that he was not going to get the amount of money he thought he’d get.

He goes to Sonny asking for marriage and Sonny refused.

Will appears with the tue facts about so-called “Leo Sparks” which had Paul dug up. His real name was Matthew.

Leo freaked and tried to strangle Will.  Sonny to the rescue!

Leo Sparks gets thrown into the mantle hitting his head and collapses to the ground. Will checks and finds no pulse. Leo Sparks is dead!

So,  Will and Sonny burrito wrapped Leo/Matthew in a rug and placed him in the trunk of his car.  They decide to stage a car/tree accident later that night. When the boys meet up, the car with the body is gone! Where is Leo and his car? They are the ones with the keys!

Coming up…The Shocking Note

But coming up soon, Will receives a shocking note.  Will shows Sonny the anonymous letter that implies its author knows that they killed Leo.

Who is behind the letter? And better yet, who has the car containing Leo? Could Leo really be alive? Possibly, Leo was not dead and had a spare set of keys! He could let himself out of the trunk and drive the car away. Nope because this is what Greg Rikaart had to say: “It was an exciting and thrilling run but it’s one that has now come to an end”. Daytime soap fave, Greg Rikaart who debuted as Leo Stark on Days of Our Lives in March, will take his bow next week. In story, Leo attacks Will (Chandler Massey) when he brings up the details of his past and Sonny (Freddie Smith) comes to his defense. Leo meets his maker when he hits his head after being thrown into the fireplace mantle on July 2. So with this being said,  Leo is truly dead!

This note could come from quite a few Salemites such as Clyde, Ben, Xander or maybe Stefan.  My guess is it’s Vivian! We seen her get the “resurrection serum ” Rolf designed and she could be roaming Salem!

Who do you think has leo and his car that left Will that note? Leave me a comment about it!

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