Ted Laurent Taunts Will & Sonny Even More!

Ted Laurent taunts the boys  with the secret letters. He is the person who sent one to Will! Does he really know what Will and Sonny did or is he just fishing for answers? Ted is not done yet with the boys though.

Ted (Gilles Marini) will track down Sonny (Freddie Smith) and demand the truth. He’ll imply that Sonny had something to do with Leo’s (Greg Rikaart) disappearance, but he already knows that.

A flashback showed us Ted slipping the mysterious note under Will’s (Chandler Massey) door. That ted is not who the people of Salem thinks he is!

Ted will enjoy playing mind games. He’ll make a few accusations and do his best to rattle Sonny. Over with Will, another letter will arrive. He now taunts Sonny. The message this one contains may be clearer. Ted won’t identify himself, but he might let Will know what he wants. Does Ted intend to blackmail Will and Sonny? DOOL fans will be anxious to see what this sneaky snake lawyer has in store. And now he is defending Ben Weston. Kate is furious and insists he stop.

Kate already told ted that if he does anything to hurt her first born grandchild in any way, he will be done with him and he will pay! Oh Ted, your walking on shaky ground going against what Kate said! Ted has never seen the wrath of Kate Roberts DiMera!

Could it be Ted Laurent that also set fire to the cabin? Things that make you go “hmmmmm.”

I think there is something we don’t really know about Ted Laurent. What really brought him to Salem? he didn’t just stop by out of nowhere. Somebody must of paid him to come here, but who? He’s picked up some work while in Salem though. Could Kristin or Stefano be behind this stranger using him as a puppet on a string?

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