RUMOR? Billy Flynn Was Fired?

Rumor has it that Billy Flynn (Chad DiMera) has been let go as in fired!

There seems to be a buzz or rumor floating around.  When asked about their post on a page that made this statement, they deleted my comment! A couple sites are reporting that Billy Flynn yet under contract has been terminated. The reported site had this to say:

“Days of Our Lives’ leading man, Billy Flynn, is leaving the series after almost four years in the role of Chad DiMera. An inside source gave us the scoop that he will even film his last scenes in October. Additionally, he is expected to be on screen till April of 2019. Flynn did sign a new contract with the series not too long ago. However, it is not apparent if he was fired (which can happen every 13 weeks in a standard soap opera contract), or if he had only signed on for a short term deal.”

So another site grabbed this and ran with it as such:

“A couple weeks ago we got wind of some news that will upset the “Chabby” fanbase. As we reported, there was a rumor that stated that Billy Flynn was leaving Days of Our Lives as Chad DiMera. According to our source, even though he was reportedly staying there’s been some behind the scenes development. While we reported it as a rumor, Daytime Indulgence now confirms the actor’s outing claiming he will film his final scenes in October. Flynn is also said to be working on a new project sometime later this year. This is developing news so please stay tuned for updates.”

Rumor or Truth?

Some may not know that some sites create fake news just to gain popularity. They don’t care if it’s a false story. I see nothing from SOD or NBC on this which leads me to believe it is indeed a false story just to get you and twitter buzzing. Twitter is full of this story right now. I am awaiting word from Billy Flynn’s Official page for truth to this. Let’s hope it is not true. We all love Billy as Chad and would hate to see him depart!


Remember: not everything you read online is the truth!

I believe this to be  a rumor. At least, that’s what my heart is telling my head to believe!


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