Salem’s Loft Living Arrangements Quandary!

Salem’s legendary loft quarters are about to add an additional Salemite!

The loft is about to gain a new resident! Ciara extends a place to stay to Ben which has Tripp certainly uncomfortable. Tripp feels having a known serial killer living in his loft space is a bad decision.  You would think Ciara, who has been known to be outspoken when it comes to Ben, would have the same reaction as Tripp did. Although, Claire has an ulterior motive to ben residing there in the loft.

Claire does a complete turn around about her feelings of Ben being around Ciara. Claire is hopeful  that things will work out between Ben and Ciara. That would mean she could put the moves back on to Tripp and have him all to herself! But there is another main factor they forgot about. Hope and her deal with Ben.

Marlena assures Hope that Ben did not start the cabin fire. She knows this because she hypnotized Ben and he can remember everything that happened. Hope agreed to close the case of the cabin fire only with the deal that Ben left Salem and he never was to contact Ciara again. Well, that didn’t happen the way Hope wanted it to. Ben decided to stay in Salem with a little persuasion from Ciara. Ciara knows her mom, the Commissioner of Salem, can not “persuade” a person in that manner and Ben can sue the city. He has every right to take up residence where he wants and he has only really known Salem as a home away from the hole he was raised in.

Who says 4’s a crowd anyway!

The outcome of this foursome is going to get ugly. Who ends up with who is unknown to us viewers. Only time will tell if Ben really is changing his ways. Stay tunes to this website for more spoilers!

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