Susan Banks Returns to Salem!

Susan Banks Returns!

Yes, the fun ditsy Susan Banks rolled into Salem today and just in time for Marlena’s wedding shower! She was the one who gave Marlena the exact replica wedding doll as her wedding gift.  Thoughtful yet creepy to say the least.

Susan came to Salem as far as we know to get forgiveness to those she has wronged. Because,  has her “walking papers” from the sanitarium as proof of not “busting out” as Will put it. Will was her first Salemite she spoke with. However, he accidently or unknowingly blurted out where Marlena’s bridal shower was taking place.  Therefore, Susan made herself right at home at Doug’s Place even though they tried to give her many hints that she was not welcomed. Besides that, Banks read tarot cards for some of the guests and none was too pleased with their readings. Consequently, that broke the party up!

The Three Actresses Who Played Susan


However, did you know there was three actresses who played Susan Banks? They all sport the teeth, glasses and quirkiness of Susan. It’s almost hard to tell them apart except for the voices are a bit different. So, Let’s take a look at the 3 Susan’s…


Brynn Thayer  (December 2011 – November 1996)

Stefano hired her to have a child in order for Kristen to buy the child and pawn it off as John Black’s.

Married John Black while posing as Kristen Blake.

Locked Kristen Blake and Marlena Evans in Stefano’s secret room.

Thought of Vivian and Kristen as vampires.

Married Edmund Crumb and moved to England with Elvis Jr.

Eileen Davidson  (November 4, 1996 – April 8 1998)

Stole Will and raised him as her beloved son EJ. Therefore, she was sent to a sanitarium.

Stacy Haiduk (August 21, 2018 – Present)

Therefore,  they all played Susan Banks, what is your most memorable Susan moment? Please leave me a comment. thanks in advance!


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