Shot Fired! Did Sami Shoot Marlena?

Marlena and John’s wedding begins…and ends with a shot.

Just as Marlena was about to say “I do”, Sami stumbles in, literally! She is so shot and screaming for Marlena not to get married to John because Marlena will end up dead.

Sami begs and pleads with Abe, who is officiating the ceremony,  to not pronounce them man and wife. He must not marry them!

John tries to understand her reason for stopping their wedding. Sami was not drunk but drugged by someone and held captive for weeks. Yet, she struggled and was able to get away from her captors.

Will walks out of the wedding…

Sonny found Will crying and takes him to get some water in Doug’s Place. Sonny can read Will and knows there is something wrong.

Will finally explains that he now remembers and remembers everything.When he seen his grandma Marlena standing at the alter, a flood of memories came rushing back to him.

But, he remembers fragments. He remembers the love for his family, his mom, his dad and especially his daughter. He mostly remembers the vows he made.

Hence, he does love Sonny. They share a kiss.

Meanwhile, back at the chaotic wedding…

Sami frantically searches the guests for somebody who is there to kill her mother. She see’s Susan and freaks out!

The two struggle fiercely with sami insisting that she is not Susan but Kristen! During the struggle Sami manages to rip the dress of of the woman.

Sami slaps Kristen across the face so hard, that her dentures to be Susan flies out and all the way down the aisle landing directly on…

Marlena’s wedding bouquet! She gasps and say “eeeeeek” and drops her beautiful bouquet.

And it is indeed Kristen DiMera! And, she is there on a personal mission to kill Marlena. Marlena is shocked because, she watched Kristen fall out the window and down the cliff to her death!

Kristen lashes out at Marlena and John and then proceeds ro explain why she was there.

She whips out a pistol intending to kill Marlena on her wedding day.

The wedding party tries their best to reason with her.

Brady steps in telling her she is pulling a DiMera act.

Kristen remained calm and is willing to make this a mass shooting!

EJ is alive!

The family makes their stand to protect Marlena. But, Kristen has some news for Sami.

Kristen tells Sami that EJ is alive. Kristen explains that she went to the hospital and injected EJ and he is in fact alive and well. he wants her to bring sami to him. Sami walks closer to Kristen because she has her full attention now that she mentioned EJ.  She then tosses the gun to Sami and insists SHE shoot her own mom in order for her to tell where EJ has been hiding out.

Sami points the gun at Kristen instead. Then wavers back and forth from Marlena then to Kristen not knowing what she should really do. Marlena tells Sami not to trust Kristen. Although, Sami does want to reunite with EJ so badly.

Shot Fired!

Both Marlena and Kristen plead with Sami. Just about then, we hear one single shot! Marlena was right about her wedding premonitions.

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