Kristen Strikes a Nerve in Brady!

Kristen strikes a nerve in Brady!

Jigsaw Puzzle Time!

Kristen strikes many nerves in Brady but not telling him where she’s hidden his bride to be Eve, strikes a major nerve! Brady is so in love with Eve and it is tearing him up thinking she is in danger as Kristen says there is a gun pointed at her. Now, Brady must make love to Kristen therefore she will tell him just where Eve is at.

Brady throws Kristen to the bed. Hence, she thinks he wants it rough as they usually had sex. But, Brady is hell bent on knowing where Eve is held at.

Quid Pro Quo: Brady makes love to Kristen and then and only then, Kristen will tell where Eve is at. Will Brady fall for this?

You can do this image as a jigsaw puzzle by just clicking on the link below. Enjoy!

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