Bonnie Bombshells Lucas! SPOILER ALERT!

Bonnie Bombshells Lucas! (Bonus Jigsaw Puzzle at the bottom)

Bombshells happen quite often in Salem but this one is a biggy! We all know that Steve was able to find and capture Bonnie. She never made it back to prison since the Bonnie & Adrianne switch out. He was asked by Adrianne to find her so she can quit looking around waiting for Bonnie’s next move. Bonnie had scammed some realty investor’s and made a fortune of them.

Adrianne was none to happy though to see Bonnie! She wants to see Bonnie go back to prison and rot.

But, there is a secret she has that will rock Salem. She bombshells Lucas with this kept secret.

When she was pretending to be Adrianne and had Adrianne locked in prison in her place, she ravished the fact that she had sex with him. Therefore, Bonnie had Lucas’ baby! Hence, this may be why Mimi is coming back to Salem. She’s probably been keeping the baby for her mom.


So, that would make this baby Kate’s grandchild! Oh joy! Kate didn’t get along with Adrianne and never liked Bonnie either. Kate seems to be an overprotective mother and grandmother so, how will this all unfold having a new grandchild. Will she accept him/her? Time will tell in the next few weeks.

Bonnie Lockhart

Bonnie was introduced as a single mother who was willing to scheme and lie in order to get what she wants, just so long as she doesn’t have to put in too much effort. She’s always been jealous of the wealthier families in Salem, like the Bradys, Hortons, and DiMeras.

Mimi revealed she was pregnant, Bonnie urged her to get an abortion, fearing having a baby at that age would ruin her daughter’s young life as it had her own. But Bonnie was devastated when Mimi later suffered an infection that rendered her infertile.

Having been dumped by Mickey, Bonnie pursued a newly-single Roman Brady. But her life took a shocking turn when a skeleton was discovered and she was frantic to keep the corpse’s identity a secret. It was later revealed that the body belonged to her first husband, David, whom Mimi had accidentally killed during a fight. Bonnie convinced Mimi to let her take the blame for the murder and went to prison in 2007, which was the last we’ve seen of her.

Until just recently when as part of Anjelica Deveraux’s revenge scheme, Hattie and Bonnie both returned to Salem to take over Marlena and Adrienne’s lives. While Marlena was able to escape the mental hospital and put an end to Hattie’s deception relatively quickly, Adrienne lingered in prison while Bonnie destroyed her life by breaking up with Lucas, reuniting with Justin, and then throwing him aside to blackmail Victor into marriage!

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