• “Those Shoes!” Worn by Stacy Haiduk

    Stacy Haiduk had some  big shoes to fill after Days of our Lives Eileen Davidson left as Kristen DiMera. Consequently, […]


    DAYS’s Executive Producer Ken Corday announced on set today that NBC’s 54-year-old soap, created by his parents, Ted and […]

  • Who Took Baby Mackenzie?

    Little Mackenzie Horton, AKA Mickey Horton, debuted. She’s played by the May Twins. And they’re adorable, especially when hunky bad […]

  • Steve Johnson is New Revised Stefano!

    Steve Johnson does come back to Salem! Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) was not recast as his role. We all remember […]

  • Returning! Johnny DiMera Actor Griffin Kunitz

    Johnny DiMera is returning to Salem! He is reprising a role being done in Salem!  He will be played by […]

  • TRUTH TOLD! Days is NOT Cancelled!

    Truth told here! A big time television gossip show reported that the entire cast of Days of our Lives was […]

  • Hayley: JJ’s New Love Interest

    Days of our Lives JJ (Casey Moss) will have a new love interest this year. Her name is Hayley Chen […]

  • James Reynolds Celebrates BIG Milestone!

    Days of Our Lives actor, James Reynolds marks today a BIG milestone. Reynolds who originated the role of Abe Carver […]

  • Abigail, Oh What Have You Done!

    Abigail is in peril! She has turned for help to the wrong person. Stefan had his eyes on her ever […]

  • Judith Chapman: Days Return With A Twist!

    Daytime soap veteran Judith Chapman is all set to return to NBC’s Days of Our Lives after a 27 year break!
    Judith Chapman

    The […]

  • 20 James Scott Facts You Should Know!

    Former “Days of Our Lives“ cast member James Scott was one of the show’s most popular leading men, captivating viewers with […]

  • Warehouse Doors All Had Initials!

    Did you all catch the warehouse doors that all had these initials on them when Nicole was so lost and […]

MAYHEM! Unexpected Wedding Chaos!

Marlena & John’s Wedding Turns To Mayhem! First off, John sustains a black eye from playing catch baseball with his son Paul in the Horton Square. Who does he remind you of here? Yes, Steve! The Eve and Jennifer Feud Meanwhile, in the square, Eve has words with Jennifer regarding the Nicole matter. Will jennifer […]

FINALLY! Ciara blasts Hope!

Ciara blasts Hope for trying to run Ben out of town. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Ciara blasts Hope in front of everyone at the loft. And, it’s about time Ciara stands up to her mother. Mother’s usually do know best but and with Ben’s past, I can see why Hope is concerned and determined to not […]

Kate pulls a gun on Ted!

Kate pulls a gun on Ted! Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Wow, did Kate really pull a gun on Ted? YES! That woman is one person you don’t want to double cross! As Ted thought she was going to show him the money in the briefcase, she pulled a fast one and whipped a handgun from it […]

Kayla reluctantly helps Stefan.

Kayla reluctantly helps Stefan. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Kayla has been reluctantly helping Stefan with each and every demands he makes, only because he know has control of Steve’s eyeball. He has threatened to “blow it up” inside Steve’s head if Kayla resists in his demands.  Therefore, Stefan now demands Abigails complete medical file. Kayla has […]