Kayla receives upsetting news about Steve.

Kayla receives upsetting news about Steve.

Jigsaw Puzzle Time!

Roman goes in to inform Kayla some upsetting news that Steve has been arrested by the ISA hence, he was flown to Washington D.C. for espionage. Because, he was caught giving secret plans to other governments.  Furthermore,  who does Kayla think is behind this? Yes, Stefan. Therefore, kayla had to come clean and tell Roman all about her predicament with Stefan.  Roman now knows everything but, he tells her this will remain between the two of them. He will go talk with Steve and explain the situation about how  his bionic eye was taking screenshots of all the legal papers and documents  he had seen.

FYI: Steve (Stephen Nichols) is no longer on Days of our Lives. Friday was the last we will see of him until they reprise his role.

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