JJ & Abigail confide about Gabi

Abigail confides in JJ she thinks Gabi is out to get her.

Jigsaw Puzzle Time!

Thomas is asleep upstairs. Abigail and JJ sit at home together having a popcorn and movie night.  She confides in him that she does not think Gabi is her friend then asks what he thought. consequently, just then, he remembers a moment in Doug’s Place speaking with Gabi. She was ranting about her miserable life as a result of how Abigail was to blame for it in all actuality.

Therefore, he does think that Gabi could have ill intentions when it comes to his sister.

Julie pops back in and that certainly gives JJ a chance to head out. And  of course, gives Abigail her thoughts of Gabi. Julie always has advice!

You can do this image as a jigsaw puzzle bu just clicking the link below. Enjoy!

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