Marlena SPOILER, This Really You?

Marlena took the bullet shot from the gun Sami was tossed by Kristen. But, is that really her?


Recall, Marlena was late for her wedding. Also, she has a double. You all know her! Hattie is still out and about. Seems Salem’s State Prison has a hard time keeping their inmate’s locked up!

Hattie Adams

Hattie had her kidnapped and switched places before the wedding. But, why would Hattie want to marry John? She was in love with Roman. Maybe, she wasn’t going to accept the “I Do” part of the ceremony. Sami broke in just as that part of the nuptials were taking place.


Was this part of Kristen’s plot? Though, she wanted Marlena shot and switched her mind into having John shot instead by Sami’s hand.

Sami’s Part

Kristen tossed the gun to Sami and told her if she shoots Hohn, consequently, she will tell her where EJ is. She gave EJ the resurrection needle injection and he is alive and well waiting for Sami to join him. Is EJ really alive or another plot by Kristen? We all did see the injection as EJ lie on the gurney in the morgue.


The DNR papers (Do Not Resuscitate) means the plug will be pulled on her life support. John and Roman work under the radar with Kayla. Roman attempts to block Belle’s access to Marlena! Valerie must pull the plug. Hence, when the life support is turned off, it will be Hattie’s death and therefore, an end to her ever impersonating Dr. Evans ever again!

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