Rules Broken: Rafe Assists Sami

Against his better judgment, Rafe breaks the rules to help Sami.

Jigsaw Puzzle Time!

When it comes to Sami, all rules are broken. Eric rushes  in at Salem PD asking top see Sami. He tells her that their mother Marlena’s condition is in peril. She has been on life support but Belle found a DNR  paper and it must be executed. She gave the paper too Kalya who turned it over to Seth Burns and the Board of Directors.

Rafe goes to Sami to calm her. She has a smooth way of getting what she wants. Therefore, she wants to go see her mom before it’s too late. Hence, Rafe makes this allowance. What will Hope say? She has no compassion when it comes to Sami and her wants. Hope will never forget the fact that Sami slept with Rafe when they were “on a break.”

You can do BOTH of these images as jigsaw puzzles by clicking these links provides. Enjoy!

P.S. The DNR papers (Do Not Resuscitate) means the plug will be pulled on her life support. John and Roman work under the radar with Kayla. Roman attempts to block Belle’s access to Marlena! Valerie must pull the plug. Hence, when the life support is turned off, it will be Hattie’s death and therefore, an end to her ever impersonating Dr. Evans ever again!

And meanwhile, Paul received devastating news from Kayla. Because, the fall he sustained falling from the 3rd floor window with Kristen has left him paralyzed. Maybe, unable to ever walk again. Therefore, he has no feelings in his legs.

Also, Roman was there to hear this  devastating news with him. Consequently, this set back has prolonged Will from telling him that he and Sonny both remember the love and still feel the love they once had before he lost his memory.  Hence, Will won’t tell Paul he’s leaving him due to the fact of this new test result of paralyzation.


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