Revenge! Kristen’s After Marlena!

Revenge! Kristen’s After Marlena!

Jigsaw Puzzle Time!

Kristen prepares to exact her revenge on Marlena! First of all, Kristen taunts Marlena with her jealousy and reasons she hates her so much. Because, Marlena took John from her and then Brady too. Kayla shows up just in time to stop Kristen. She checks the monitors that were  keeping Marlena alive over swiftly. While, Marlena can only lay there with her eyes wide open unable to speak. Hence, the respiratory tubes are still down in her throat. Kayla tries to warn Kristen away saying the machine has signals that will alert others. Kristen knew that was a lie and Marlena lie there in secret.

Soon we see Roman standing behind Kristen waiting to make his move on her. He pounces at just the right moment. They wrestled to the ground it seemed and he gun goes off. But, who got shot? Tune in next time to see!

You can do this jigsaw puzzle by simply clicking the link below. Enjoy!

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