Eric reunites with Nicole!

Jigsaw Puzzle Time!

YES, Eric finally reunites with Nicole! Eric knocks and Nicole’s door and she opens in shock to see him. She soon closes it and says he can not be there. She finally allows him in for “five minutes” she said. her picks up one of Holly’s fluffy stuffed animals and smells it.

After telling her everything he knows, Eric finally reunites with Nicole. Holly is in sleeping. Eric asks if she still loved him as much as he loved her. She takes his hands, says yes and they kiss. When Eric wants her and him to be a couple, there seems some trouble in Nicole’s voice. Just then, in walks Xander! Now what in the world is Xander doing there? Maggie must know or off sent him to take care of Nicole and Holly, don’t you think?

You can do this image as a jigsaw puzzle by just clicking the link below. Enjoy!