Stefan Gives Sami This EJ Lead!

Stefan gives Sami a lead on EJ.

Jigsaw Puzzle Time!

Sami just wants a good lead on where EJ is. Stefan needs funds to dump into his diminishing company because stocks are going down. The company is losing money and Sami has the DiMera funds to give back. Kind of a tit-for-tat situation.

She is willing to transfer half of her half  totalling $125 million (she stole $500 million then gave Belle half of that). She wire transferred $63 million and will transfer the other $62 million when she gets her lead.

Stefan told her that yes, EJ was resurrected with the serum injected by Kristen 

ay Stefano’s command. The ashes were not EJ’s. While Sami grieved, Kristen took EJ away. But when Sami asked for the address, Stefan insists on the other v$62 million. Sami protests that was not the deal!

As she goes to leave, Stefan calls her back in and hands her a piece of paper Kristen left behind. It’s an address and possibly a lead to where EJ is. She runs to leave and he stops her “hey, what about the rest of the money. That was the deal.” She says “deals are meant to be broken”, trots up and plants a big kiss o his lips and rushed out to to to that address.

Furthermore, will it be the warehouse where, Kristen, Xander and “E.D. are? And also where Brady lie on the ground because he shocked himself trying to open the code box.

Above all, is that really EJ in the room marked E.D.?  Resurrections have happened before but it didn’t take Will that long. EJ has been deceased for 3 years! Certainly,  this is getting so good!



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