Kate Gets News About Baby Bonnie!

Lucas and Chloe break the news to Kate about Baby Bonnie.

Jigsaw Puzzle Time!

Lucas calls kate and asks that she meet him at Doug’s Place. He tells her he has some amazing news. She goes straight there. When presented with the baby, she was quite skeptical then it turned to annoyance because, she was not told sooner. Once she accepted this news that she is the grandma and a DNA test was done, she wants Lucas to take every precaution so he can keep this baby away from Bonnie.

Similarly, Bonnie is on her way to their meeting place. She think she is getting baby Bonnie back but Chloe is took the baby away. When she took the baby away, she started singing to her “Hush Little Baby” and Mimi walks up. Mimi swiftly tells Chloe ‘she is not the baby’s mama as according to the song words “mama’s going to buy you a mockingbird.” Mimi has a hate relationship with Chloe. They were rivals in high school.

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