The Set Up: Abigail Confides To JJ

Abigail confides to JJ she thinks it’s a set up by Gabi!

Jigsaw Puzzle Time!

Yes, it’s a set up! Abigail finally puts two and two together. She confides in JJ how she feels Gabi is setting her up. Abigail feels like herself and not like when her alters would come out. The wig was not purchased by her for one thing.

At The Kiriakis Mansion…

Meanwhile Gabi is pressuring Chad to have Abigail committed. Her ulterior motives are really pushing him! he refuses to have her committed against her will. Hence, he is aware of it which is opposite of the alters the first time when he was blind to them. Chad, all teary eyed, leaves to tend to Thomas. Gabi says outloud “time to move to plan B.”

Gabi phones Abigail as soon as Chad goes upstairs. She asks her to come over. Abby said she’ll be there in 30 minutes but gets there sooner. Gabi has added the sleeping powder to a tea cup and is stashing the wig. Gabi turns around quickly to see Abigail standing in the doorway and asks “how long have you been standing there?” Abby said she came over quickly because it sounded urget. Did Abigail see Gabi doing any of the mischievous things?

Salem Police Department…

Most noteworthy, Hope and Rafe now feel that Jj was the one who planted he evidence at the cabin fire scene. They text him to come down to the Salem PD to chat about the set up.  JJ swears it is not him but someone who clearly wants to see Ben put away forever. Soon after that, Hope tells Rafe she has a gut feeling about the case and she knows who did it! Who would want to set up Ben that isn’t already a suspect or on the force?

JJ leaves and bumps into Chad and they discuss Abigails situation. JJ is hopefully going to tell Chad his suspicions of Gabi.

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