WOW, Mimi’s Baby Daddy Is….

The baby daddy drama never ends in Salem. Between DNA changes and baby switches, who knows who can be a bit mind boggling. Seems everyone is related somehow or another!

As Maurey would say: “When it comes to 3 month old “baby Bon Bon”  (Mimi Lockharts baby), Rex, you ARE the Father!

Baby Daddy Drama

Mimi confides in Belle that Rex is her daughters father.


FYI: Rex is now played by Kyle Lowder who coincidentally use to  play Brady Black and was in real life married (now divorced) to Arianna Zucker who plays Nicole Walker who is now a couple with Shawn Christian, our dearly departed  Daniel Jonas. Talk about drama!

When Rex meets the baby, he is unaware she is his daughter.

Rex tells Roman and Lucas he is engaged. After an awkward run-in with Mimi,

it’s revealed after they broke up, they met up for a night in Chicago.

Rex later gets a phone call from his fiancée: Sarah Horton! Maggie will be so happy to see her daughter Sarah!

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