Sami & Eric Break Into Xander’s Warehouse

Sami and Eric break into Xander’s warehouse

Jigsaw Puzzle Time!

The twins finally break into the warehouse! Here’s how it went down…

Eric waits for Xander to leave his and Nicole‘s place while Sami finds Kristen’s hotel room. She discovers (after paying $200 an hour to search the room) Brady’s name labeled duffle bag. Eric and Sami sneak in the warehouse which they followed Xander to.

Inside the warehouse, Kristen says her goodbyes to Bradf and has Xander take Brady anywhere outside the warehouse where she won’t be able to see his face.  Soon after, Eric breaks into the desk holding the Nicole recording. Similarly, Sami breaks into the room labeled E.D. in hopes it leads to EJ.

Nicole has hers and Holly’s bags packed and there is a knock at the door. As soon as she opens it she discovers Xander. Her plans have been foiled!

Xander happens to have the recorder of her confession to killing Deimos.  Eric lies on the warehouse floor. His condition is not know.

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