Warehouse Doors All Had Initials!

Did you all catch the warehouse doors that all had these initials on them when Nicole was so lost and confused? Hence, we know that EJ was in the room labeled E.D. (the one Sami locked Brady in).  But similarly, did you stop and think what the other initials meant? Let’s take a look. This will tell us who is returning on Days!

Warehouse Doors

The doors with all the initials scene with Nicole today:

Nicole was so confused on where to go and what door to open. We seen quite a few initials on the warehouse doors. They all meant someone’s name that is returning!

E.D. = E.J. Dimera

Sami’s soul mate EJ is now played by Trey Baxter. We all need to give him a chance. He has big sho3es to fill!

V.A. = Vivian Alamain

Good ole Viv is played by Louise Sorel. Stefan will have his mommy back. She’s going to “supposedly” becoming a grandma.

W.R.= Wilhelm Rolf

Dr. Rolf has been played by William Utay. Last seen committing suicide upon Sami discovering him. She held him at gunpoint arguing with Hope.  Rolf took his own life.

A.D. = Andre Dimera

Andre and Tony both are played by Thaao Penghlis.  How will Kate handle his return? Likewise, he betrayed her with Vivian and Stefan. Maybe he and good ole Viv will become an item! LOL

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