All Hell Breaks Loose at Kristen’s Warehouse!

All hell breaks loose at Kristen & Xander’s warehouse!

Jigsaw Puzzle Time!

All hell is breaking loose at the warehouse where everyone is being held! Nicole’s lost with  baby Holly. Sami finds Eric tied up with Kristen in the main room. She fights Kristen until Xander comes in and takes control back.

Meanwhile in another room, Dr. Rolf injects EJ with a newer version of the resurrection serum and EJ comes to life knocking the Dr back causing  a fire! Explosions rock the warehouse trapping Nicole and Holly. Eric finds Brady and gets him free. They save Holly through a small hole but Nicole is left behind. Eric insists that Nicole hold his hand and never let go.

Brady takes Holly outside where he is confronted by Kristen. Her only concern was that he was still alive and begs him to run away with her. He refuses and takes Holly to safety.

Sami Finds EJ

Sami finds Rolf and as he runs away, he tells her to not go in that room because it’s full of fire and smoke. She denies his pleas and finds EJ in there on the floor.  She manages to get him into a wheelchair and removes him from the burning room.

Nicole sits among the  burning hallway clenching the necklace Eric gave her for protection. She says her goodbyes.

Rolf runs ino Kristen in the burning warehouse and tells her to leave now. She inquires if “everyone got out” and Rolf has no clue. Similarly, he again tells her to leave hence,  the place is going to explode! Kristen replies that she is not afraid and we see fire surround her.

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