Abigail Seeks Help From An Ally!

After hearing Chad wants her committed, Abigail seeks help from an unlikely ally.

Jigsaw Puzzle Time!

Abigail overhears Chad and her family saying she needs help. Also, Gabi has talked Chad into having her committed. JJ is caught going through Gabi’s purse by Gabi as she walks into the room. Likewise, She solidly defends herself. JJ is on the fence of who to believe but he will stick by his family. Just then, Abigail burts into the room! She insists that Kate and Gabi are setting her up, conspiring together.

Chads walks in and see’s how upset Abigail is. She insists on taking Thomas but Chad stops her. She is allowed to give him a kiss goodbye with JJ’s escort. JJ gets cornered by Susan and Abigail hears Chad tell her mother that he has no choice but to commit her. She sneaks quietly¬† out the Kiriakis front door and showed up at the DiMera mansion asking Stefan for help, if he ever loved any part of her then he needs to help her.

Stefan has a very vivid dream of him and Gabby! Hence, Gabby and Sam kiss. Stefan awakens.

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