Lani’s Jealous Over Shiela…Really?

Lani is jealous when she learns Sheila is living with Eli.

Jigsaw Puzzle Time!

Lani’s Jealous Over Shiela…Really? She had her chance with romance with him and turned him down. Does she have any right to be jealous or hold claim to him?

lani asks her father Abe to give Sheila the job position as his aid. Hence, Abe is not fond of her especially since she parked another cr in his parking spot. After learning that it’s Eli’s car, he forgives her and does not have the car towed. Lani overhears the conversation and after Shiela leaves, she talks her dad reluctantly into hiring her as his assistant.  Eli and Sheila reconvein in the Salem PD and he tells her that his grandmother Julie will give her a job at Doug’s Place. She thought it was a singing jig but turns out it’s as a dishwasher. Similarly, when Abe tells her of his gracious job offer, she jumps at it.

So, does Lani have ulterior motives for getting Sheila this job? It would get her out on her own and away from Eli a little bit. Lani claims that she thinks there is a softhearted woman underneath the armor coat Sheila wears. What do you all think? 

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