Abigail, Oh What Have You Done!

Abigail is in peril! She has turned for help to the wrong person. Stefan had his eyes on her ever since he arrived in Salem but, Abigail, what you have done now is wrong for so many reasons!

November Sweeps are coming and the storylines are getting HOT HOT HOT! Abigail, Chad, Stefan, Ben, Jordan, Ted, and Kate herself is back!   Here are just some spoilers about Abigail’s mistake!

Abigail Makes a BIG Mistake!

Chad and Jennifer are ready to commit Abigail when she reveals that she and Stefan got married.

She’s safe from being committed against her will.

Chad warns Abby that Stefan’s intentions are solely to use her in order to get Gabby back.

Chad kidnaps Abigail with Ben’s help.

The lawyer, Ted Laurent, turns up again and asks Hope for protection from Stefan DiMera who is trying to kill him. Ted asks her not to reveal his concern to Rafe so in turn, she asks him to help her nail Ben.

Tripp did set Ben up because he believed Ben was guilty and that he was framing a guilty man. When Ciara learns the truth, their relationship implodes and she admits she’s got feelings for Ben.

Keep an eye out for Ben’s sister, Jordan Ridgeway, as Chrishell Stause Hartley reprises her Days role.


Kate Mansi Returns!

Marci Miller has left Days as Abigail DiMera and Kate Mansi will return to resume the role she once played.

“There are many more spoilers to come. With so many great storylines in progress, I will try and keep you well informed to what is REALLY going on in Salem and with the actors real lives as well! If you want me to do any articles of your interest, please let me know. I love Days of our Lives! Thanks For coming to my site!”~Teresa

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