Electric Moment Between JJ & Gabi!

JJ and Gabi have an electric moment.

Jigsaw Puzzle Time!

Jj and Gabi shared what seemed an electric moment after they left the DiMera mansion. They were there looking for Abigail. She happen to walk in with Stefan , who, was none to pleased that they were in his home. JJ immediately phoned Jennifer. She and Chad rushed over to make sure Abigail was ok and hold her so that she could be committed. Gabi felt all to pleased despite her friendly words to Abigail.

Once JJ and Gabi left, they sat in Horton Town Square and chatted.¬† JJ felt bad for even thinking that Gabi had any part in this. He apologized for looking in her purse which she clenched¬† onto tightly keeping it totally away from JJ so that her secret contentys would be safe. JJ went in for the hug and for a moment…we could almost see some electric between them as if they were about to kiss. JJ had to get going so, hence, nothing else happened.

You can do this image as a jigsaw puzzle by just clicking on the link below. Enjoy!


Will these two become a couple again? Or has she set her designs on Chad only?



And by the way…how can Abigail marry Stefan when she is already married to Chad?

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