Catch These Days Halloween Innuendos?

Days of our Lives put on a spectacular Halloween episode for us! I think they all had us at first thinking Marlena/Hattie was getting out of the hospital but it all started with Hope and Rafe accusing her of a crime! The rest…really made us laugh!

But, there were a few innuendos that might of slipped by you.

Days Halloween Innuendos

It starts out with John telling Marlena/Hattie that she is going home! They are greeted by Rafe and Hope saying there was a murder and Marlena is the suspect. They go into a room and see Kristen dead!

Seems Kristen was shot and it’s a “who-done-it” murder! The mark of “666” was in blood on her forehead. But, she was blungented with a small “cocktail shaker” same as Andres urn. It turns into a “who-done-it” murder.

But, home is not the place she expected. They arrived at “Frankenstein’s Castle” instead…the DiMera Mansion!  Abigail wants to put under hypnosis because, she feels she slept with a third person and he is the father of her baby.

Marlena tells Abigail a pig latin phrase “let’s get the L-hey out of ere-hay.” LOL!!!



Lots of the Days cast show up in a different demenaner than normal. Roles seem to be reversed. Except for Dr. Rolf…he is still the evil scientist but has magical powers and turns Hope into Princess Gina.

Eli gets to the mansion first and wants to go into the secret room in the tunnels. He fired some shots but can’t remember the person or persons he’d seen. Marlena even hypnotises Eli to see if he can remember who he shot at down in the tunnels.

 The answer is an anagram he repeats

The mansion starts to swarm with Salemites acting off their normal characters. Julie and Doug are innkeepers and dressed the part.

Abigail goes into labor. She has the baby but since her and Marlena both passed out, neither had seen the baby’s face to see who he resembles. Low and behold, the baby has Andre’s face!

Andre takes the baby away. he insists Abigail read a book about “How To Raise A Baby”  by Jean-Claude Xavier but did you catch the name actually on the book? It read “How To Raise  A Wise Ass.”

Hope thinks she is  Princess Gina thanks to Rolf. Marlena/Hattie and abigail watch on while Hattie says “do you see what I see?”

And then the real baby’s face is about to be revealed. He has his fathers eyes it is said.

Abigail screams!

Later at Brady’s Pub

John and Marlena/Hattie go to the Brady Pub. During conversation.  They start to play a game of Scrabble when Hattie has a revelation about what Eli was repeating “the answer is an anagram.” Hattie thinks quick and uses the tiles using Jean Claude Xavier and asks John “you gotta D?” (LOL for those with perverted minds!)

Hattie spelled  Angelica Deveraux! Then in comes the devil herself! Her eyes all aglow she does away with John by blow after blow with the small “cocktail shaker” urn. Hattie screams “I DON’T WANT TO BE MARLENA ANYMORE!” I’m Hattie Adams!!!”

Blood splatters on Hattie’s face. Next thing Hattie wakes up in Marlena’s hospital room not wanting to be her anymore. John hears her screams and rushes in. She tells him she is done playing Marlena. And she will grant the divorce!







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