Engagement Party For Rex And Sarah, OMG!

Chloe arrives at Rex and Sarah’s engagement party with big news.

Jigsaw Puzzle Time!

Rex and Sarah are being thrown an engagement party by Maggie. Sarah inadvertently, out of politeness, invites Bonnie and Mimi to it.  She had no clue Mimi was Rex’s ex-girlfriend. Similarly, that they slept together a year ago!

Lucas has no clue where Chloe is at. He texted her. Chloe is about to put a damper on this whole engagement party!

As if the tension was not thick enough mixing all the represented families there, in walks

Chloe who has the test results. She had a DNA test performed on the baby bottle Mimi tossed in the garbage.

As Maury Povich would say it “Bonnie, you are NOT the Mother!”

You can do this image as a jigsaw puzzle by just clicking on the link below. Enjoy!

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