Charlotte’s Life Will Be Chaotic!

Charlotte’s Life Will Be Chaotic!

BONUS Jigsaw Puzzle Time!

Yes, Abigail gave birth in the most unconventional way yet again. Charlotte was born in the cabin on Smith Island just off the shores of Salem. Chad delivered his daughter, thought twisted DNA tests say it’s Stefan’s. Gabi really needs to come clean soon…real soon!

Chad made arrangements with Stephan to come get the baby. The deal with the Phoenix’s spawn, Stefan,  was to give a quickie divorce and he take the baby. Abigail is committed against her will. Jennifer runs to her daughters side in Bayview Sanitarium.

Now, comes the battle to who should have the rights to watch over Charlotte. Jennifer and Stefan fight over Abigail and the baby. Kayla becomes suspicious with what Gabi has done. Gabi wrestles with telling the truth to Stefan. But, is now the time Gabi comes clean? Between the DiMera’s and the Horton’s, this baby Charlotte’s life will definitely be full of drama!

You can do both of these images as a jigsaw puzzle by just clicking on their links here. Enjoy!

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